Medicaid Eligibility

Paying for long-term care is more than most families can afford.   We help you by qualifying you for Medicaid’s long-term care programs.   These programs provide payments directly to your caregiver in your home or to your health care facility.  In other words, we bring in Medicaid as a new payer source, thus substantially lowering the cost of care.  We have helped hundreds of Florida families with this process over the last 20 years.

Call our office and schedule your initial in-person or virtual consultation.  We can usually show clients at least two ways to become eligible by the end of the initial consultation.

At Walt Shurden Elder Law, we start out with a one hour consultation during which we gather the relevant information and provide you explanation of strategies that work in your particular case. We advocate for seniors, helping them to secure a financial future that benefits them, not ourselves. Contact us to get started.